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Adicktion Therapy:Un-Model Behavior

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Adicktion Therapy:Un-Model Behavior

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Adicktion Therapy:Un-Model Behavior (vol.1)

Don't buy this if you own:Therapy session : Lala land , Therapy session : Self-help and Therapy session: Fully texted. This is a re-release with all those three parts combined.

Amelie Rochester has it all: A beautiful face, a successful career in modeling,

an adoring fan base, and a body that could make an angel weep! Still,

for everything she has, there’s one thing she doesn’t,

and the more she tries not to dwell on it, the more it drives her crazy…

She can’t stop thinking about big, sexy, futanari cocks!

It’s become a real problem:

it’s hard to get any work done when all you can do is fantasize and masturbate!

Meanwhile, across town, a ‘gifted’ therapist, Miss Jocelynn Whitley,

commiserates over the fact that all her patients are washed up and unattractive.

Little does she know that her professional world is about to be rocked

by a unique problem that she may have an equally unique solution to.

She’ll be so thrilled by the prospect that her educated endowment

might ‘jump’ at the prospect…

Nonsane presents this fully texted, high quality set with

all the raucous expressions and load dumping antics you’ve come to love...and then some!

You won’t want to miss this intro to Amelie’s quest for a ‘cure’:

in the end, she may come to realize that all of her wildest

dreams are only a therapy session

Pages: 90 + 90 (no text)

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